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At Bells Beach

The fun surfing board game for everyone.
Roll the dice and surf the iconic bells beach in Australia.

Who Can Play?

This is a game for people of all abilities. You can make it as easy or as challenging and competitive as you like. Gun Surfers will love it. However, this is also a family fun game. Our young 10 and 11 year old test pilots loved it, as did our older surfers and non-surfers.

It sure is a game for surfers, but it is also a great board game for Campers and for Caravanners, It is a board game for families young and old.

If you can throw the dice and move your token, you’ll have fun.

How To Play?

Roll the Dice – Paddle, Surf, Score.
Read the first page and get started. You’ll have fun straight away and the easy guide helps you to learn as you go.

What’s Included?

This is a heritage game which acknowledges not only Bells Beach itself, but the first custodians of this area; the pioneers who originally brought surfing to Bells beach; and those who have kept Bells Beach alive as a place of international surfing importance.

Included is:

  • A great surfing poster of ‘Bells’ when the surf is big.
  • A story of the Wadawurrung People and their connection to this area.
  • A story of how surfing came to this area and those who saved the Bells Easter Contest.
  • The Game Board, which is an aerial photo of Bells Beach.
  • A sticker for your car, your lunch box, your walking frame, or your bedroom door.
  • And all the usual game components of dice, tokens, How to Play cards, etc.

What The Players Say

We didn’t really read the instructions, we just started to play. It was really fun and the scoring card was easy to follow.

Grommet - Age 12

It's easy to play and I got some sick waves and won haha.

Surfer - Age 28

The scoring system is excellent, the competitive player will be happy

Surfer - Age 48

I didn't really understand how scoring worked in surfing until I played this game, it was interesting and loads of fun.

Non Surfer - Age 55

I don't know what it is, but I did an Air 360 and scored lots of points!

Nana - Age 70

Our Photo Gallery

Our surfing board games contain actual photos of the surf breaks on which they are based. To present you with a top quality product, we do occasionally use surfing photos purchased from professional photographers. However, we are basically an ordinary surfing family, people who like the outdoors. We’ve been enjoying surfing for more than 50 years.  So from time to time, we thought we’d show you some of the photos we’ve accumulated. Enjoy.

Surfing in the 60’s at Shelly Beach NSW Central Coast. Not many people out – just you and your mates, with one person rostered to take photos. This is Terry, the game’s creator.

And the designated photographer on this day was Peter Butt, who won a prize from Surfing World Magazine for this photo. They published it in their mag. Great fun.

Note the flap at the back of the wetsuit. The only option in those days was to wear a scuba diving suit. No Rip Curls or O’Neills. And definitely no Surfing Board Games.


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